No sanction for Sri Lanka after press conference no-show

No sanction for Sri Lanka after press conference no-show

18 June 2019 11:30 am

Sri Lanka's refusal to send a player to the press conference after the loss to Australia will not result in any official sanctions. Upon being informed that the refusal is a breach of the Members Participation Agreement that the ICC has with each board, however, SLC has instructed the team to ensure media commitments are met for the remainder of the tournament.

"I got an email from the board saying we should send someone from now on," team manager Ashantha de Mel said. "Even if players are unwilling, we can send a coach or someone from management. Even I am happy to go if needed - I have no issues with that."

The refusal on Saturday, de Mel explained, was down to media fatigue. Only a small minority of Sri Lanka players converse in English, and as that is the language the majority of the media at the World Cup operates in, the same players had been put up for media commitments over the previous few games. Following the loss against Australia, each member of that group of players had been reluctant to appear, and "I didn't want to force anyone," de Mel said.

An SLC statement on Monday clarified that "contrary to various media reports, there won't be any sanctions imposed on the Sri Lanka team by the ICC, over its non-participation in the post-match media conference on Saturday".