Unofficial World Cup Finals today

Unofficial World Cup Finals today

16 June 2019 03:15 pm

Did you know, that there are more than 700,000 fans waiting for tickets to watch the Indo-Pakistan match of the World Cup today (16)? However, given the limited seats in the Manchester Old Trafford stadium, only 25,000 fans will be lucky to have seats, to witness the match live.

Tickets for the ever-popular England-Australia match have received less than 250,000 applications. The final game of the tournament has received 270,000 spectators.

Wherever there is a cricket match between Pakistan and India, eyes of the cricket fans worldwide will be on the spot. A cricket match between two countries is like a war, for the ultimate hope for both teams stands in nowhere but victory.

Having real-life grudge between the two nations, neither would tolerate defeat before the other, particularly not in the realm of Cricket.  

So, it is obvious that hundred thousands of Cricket fans all over the world are all eyes before the great gaming battle happening between the two countries. No wonder over 400,000 spectators are expecting to purchase tickets to witness the great battle.

In the preliminary round of a major tournament, the Indo-Pakistan match is often referred to as the 'Unofficial Final', which apparently would happen in the Old Trafford stadium in the daytime as part of the World Cup.

The two teams previously met at the Old Trafford in the Super Six round of the 1999 World Cup. India won by 47 runs. However, only two years ago, on June 18, 2017, Pakistan won the Champions Cup by defeating India in the Champions Final leaving an unforgettable remark on the ground.

In the same match, India lost over 180 runs in the London Oval stadium.

Pakistan has been gaining the title of the ODI series before India many times. Pakistan won 73 marks respectively in 131 matches, while India only 54 matches.

However, the situation has completely diverted into which India was able to achieve victories defeating Pakistan during World Cup history, from 1992 to 2015, in all of their six matches.