Rabbi attacked in Central Argentina

Rabbi attacked in Central Argentina

12 June 2019 10:44 am

A rabbi in the city center of Rosario in Argentina has been assaulted by three men last Sunday (10).

Rabbi Shlomo Tawil of the local Chabad-Lubavitch organization was verbally and physically harassed by three men, at an attack which has been characterized as antisemitic.

The attackers reportedly shouted antisemitic epithets before barging into the Rabbi, removed his hat and trampled it on the ground and attacked when he was walking alone.

The attack, which was stopped by the intervention of passersby, has been characterized as antisemitic since the attackers meant specifically to hurt the rabbi and did not steal anything from him.

Representative of Argentinian DAIA Jewish political movement Gabriel Dobkin said that the organization should file a complaint at the police. He said that police were working with a city prosecutor to determine whether the attack was captured on surveillance cameras nearby, to identify the attackers in conducting a thorough investigation.

Dobkin defined the act of violence against the rabbi to be, “a fierce, cowardly, antisemitic attack.”

In a joint statement by the DAIA and the Jewish community of Argentina, people demand from the authorities a total and absolute clarification of this unfortunate event.

“We hope that these violent people will be definitively eradicated from the Argentine society that has chosen the path of coexistence, peace and justice,” the statement said.

Rabbi Shlomo Tawil is currently recovering at home with his family. He has served as the Chabad emissary in Rosario since 1987.

The president of the local city parliament, Antonio Bonfatti, tweeted Monday that “as a society we cannot allow these acts of violence and intolerance,” and called for “peace and coexistence.”

The attack on Tawil is the third physical antisemitic attack in the last two months. There other two took place in Buenos Aires, one in April and one in May.