Gas emission analyzing becomes a non starter due to inoperative equipment

Gas emission analyzing becomes a non starter due to inoperative equipment

12 June 2019 10:33 am

Sri Lanka will set greenhouse gas targets in key economic sectors and come up with targets and activities for which foreign grants are available.
At present a proper analyze in gas emission cannot be carried out due to  discarding of the equipment brought down to the country for this purposes, a senior official of the environment ministry said.  
The cabinet has approved the creation of activities in the fields of power, industries, garbage disposal and forests to reduce green house gas emissions, a statement from the state information office said.

"It is necessary to identify the amount of green house gas emissions of each field to reach the targets determined locally," the cabinet had been informed.

Compared to developed countries Sri Lanka has low carbon emissions, analyst say and care must be taken not to set difficult targets which may worsen poverty by pushing up energy costs.

Sri Lanka had emissions equivalent of 0.9 metric tonnes per person a year, compared to 8 tonnes in Malaysia, 10.3 for Singapore, 16.5 tonnes for the US and 4.6 tonnes for France.
With the aim of analyzing the air in main cities under the vehicle emission testing programme, the Department of Measurement Units, Standards & Services had purchased a Simdzu gas analyzer by incurring a sum of Rs. 5.86 million.
This instrument had been purchased to be used for analyzing samples of gasses, testing the gas emissions of vehicles, calibration and testing the precision of equipment being used in analyzing the exhaustive gasses.
These gas emissions were of the vehicles running on petrol or natural gassesministry official said adding that examining the clarity of standards relating to gasses, and examining the composition of fuel and various vaporous solutions being used in the industrial sector.
A proper evaluation had not been carried out on the possibility of installation prior to purchasing that instrument and hence, the instrument could not be made use of after being installed even after a period of 05 years since the date of purchase.