Portugal to have minimum wage increase among lowest in EU!

Portugal to have minimum wage increase among lowest in EU!

11 June 2019 03:12 pm

Reportedly, Portugal was one of the European Union (EU) countries with the lowest wage increase in 2019!

Their wage increase is just about 3.5%!

The highest increase in wage is reported from Spain at a percentage of 20%.

A communiqué from Eurofound Social Intervention Study Centre (CESI) said Portugal was at the bottom of the “average category” which includes euro area countries with average performance in terms of minimum wage rises in real terms (at 2015 prices) between 2010 and 2019".

In 2019, Portugal, Malta, Spain, Greece and Slovenia have increased their minimum wages to between €700 and €1,050 (when converted into 12 annual payments).

Eurofound and CESI said that Spain and Greece had very significant increases in 2019 of 22% and 11% respectively, while Portugal only had 3.5%, putting it in the sub-group with the lowest increases.

The national minimum wage in Portugal went up to €600 a month in January this year, but the European Union (EU) considers the amount to be €700 as it divides the 14 payments (with Christmas and holiday bonuses) by 12 months.

The study also shows that the minimum monthly wage per hour in Portugal (€3.94) is lower than in Greece (€4.27) and Spain (€6.09).