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Pohottu Party at percentage crisis, sought JVP for Second Vote!

2019-10-18 08:25:00

He made this revelation speaking to a rally held in Kandy on Wednesday (16)...

Two key parties contesting in the Polls at severe financial crisis!

2019-10-18 08:13:00

This is mainly due to the inability to collect the election funds to the level they were hoping for...

TNA likely to remain independent amidst upcoming Presidential Polls!

2019-10-18 07:42:00

TNA is more likely to remain independent without supporting any candidate at the upcoming presidential race...

CBK returns to Island on Saturday, talks between Mangala and SLFP on the go!

2019-10-17 07:48:00

She will be playing a critical role this year as well...

Kili Maharaja hires Sri Ranga to pull down Swarnavahini!

2019-10-17 07:13:00

Sri Ranga’s intention is to ruin Swarnavahini & bankrupt the organisation. Lyca does not understand this...

SLFP poses an open threat to SLPP activists over booing

2019-10-17 07:04:00

That decision was not made for protecting the SLFP, but protecting the country...

Dear Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksa, where were you during the ’88 - 89 Era?

2019-10-16 10:14:00

Gotabaya Rajapaksa was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Sri Lanka Army at that time...

Gota’s citizenship: Thenuwara, Viyangoda together with civil societies head to Supreme Court!

2019-10-16 09:28:00

This move will be significant as hearing the executive power before Supreme Court is important for entire political future of country...

LNW’s response to Gota’s Media Unit

2019-10-16 09:10:00

We, ’’LNW’’, have a 10 year history and a signature identity that we have built for ourselves...

Gota’s citizenship: Petitioners unreasonably delayed in coming to Court?

2019-10-15 14:02:00

Basis to court overruling on writ challenging Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s dual citizenship..

Decisive exclusive UNP meeting today!

2019-10-15 09:58:00

The United National Party (UNP) is to hold a special meeting on the Presidential Election Campaign today (15)...

CBK says would sacrifice herself to protecting SLFP in a candid statement

2019-10-15 09:43:00

Former President Chandrika Bandaranaike says she will come forward as she did in 1994 to protect the SLFP at a crucial juncture...

Gota condemns state job distribution during MR’s rule!

2019-10-15 08:10:00

What is the point of attaching one into a job for twenty thousand rupees? It would be distress from day 01...

SLFP objected amidst 30 per cent nomination portion!

2019-10-14 09:04:00

Reason behind SLFP members being booed goes on another direction...

Will it be the Last Over for Arjuna Ranatunga?

2019-10-14 08:37:00

Ranatunga is due to make a decision regarding the concerns, sources further claimed...

Gota’s citizenship: Appeal Court Full Verdict to be declared after 11 days

2019-10-13 10:01:00

The full verdict on overruling of the writ challenging Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s dual citizenship is due to be declared on October 15...

President to tender Cabinet paper to keep the Residence at Paget Road

2019-10-13 09:51:00

President Sirisena is preparing to tender a gazette allowing him to keep the official residence at Paget Road after his retirement, reports said...

A lesson for Sajith Faction from Elpitiya Election results

2019-10-12 16:21:00

So, we have a final say for the UNP - that underestimating your enemy is more dangerous than overestimating yourself...

The untold truth behind UNP’s defeat in Elpitiya

2019-10-12 09:24:00

The UNP as long predicted lost the Elpitiya Pradeshiya Sabha Election big time yesterday...

Oh Nalanda, do you recognize these two?

2019-10-12 08:43:00

This was how Dilan, who boasted about his power as a government agent, flew away by abandoning his best friend...

Irony behind extension of Interim imposed by Supreme Court over Gota’s Museum Case!

2019-10-11 16:48:00

We can only say clearly that if he is elected to the highest position in the country, we will have the rule of law no more!..

Gota’s Citizenship: Appeal Court Full Verdict meets week’s delay!

2019-10-11 09:17:00

It has been a week and the reasoning for the overruling is yet to be announced!..

Downturn of Gota’s Social Media Campaign criticized by Specialists Committee!

2019-10-11 08:42:00

Social media network advertising committee of SLPP should take full responsibility for the obvious downturn of its own campaign for Gotabaya Rajapaksa...

Race owning Sarath Fonseka peaked in Political Arena!

2019-10-10 13:11:00

Former Minister Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka has decided to extend his support to the one who promises to take full responsibility for national security...

Prof. Chandragupta Thenuwara says Gota’s dual citizenship may be challenged before Court again

2019-10-10 08:37:00

Prof. Thenuwara made these sentiments in addressing meeting held together with civil societies and trade unions yesterday (09)...

Gota vows to release criminals in a judiciary of his own?

2019-10-10 08:20:00

This was when he addressed his inaugural public rally at Salgadu Ground, Anuradhapura...

Thenuwara and Viyangoda lodge complaint before CID amid death threats posed by Gota’s supporters!

2019-10-09 14:37:00

Speaking to media, Prof. Chandraguptha Thenuwara stated that the complaint was lodged yesterday (08)...

Gota’s Legal Adviser Ali Sabry despised by Pohottu Party!

2019-10-09 10:56:00

Sabry has severely been criticized within the SLPP itself...

Did Gota’s Legal Adviser admit ’’Safi Drama’’ was staged by SLPP?

2019-10-08 19:28:00

President’s Counsel Ali Sabry, Chief Legal Adviser to Gotabaya Rajapaksa, admits Safi Drama was Pohottu’s doing...

Mahinda, Basil, Gota to visit President seeking allegiance one last time!

2019-10-08 15:42:00

Mahinda, Basil and Gotabaya Rajapaksa are planning to go to official residence of President Sirisena this evening in seeking allegiance for SLPP...