President Gotabhaya asks to get rid of any officials who keep requesting chemical fertilizers here after

President Gotabhaya asks to get rid of any officials who keep requesting chemical fertilizers here after

23 November 2021 07:15 am

President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa has ordered that if the Secretary to the Ministry of Agriculture himself requests chemical fertilizers, the national policy will end immediately and he or any other such high-ranking official will be removed from office immediately if they stand for chemical fertilizers from now on.

"As a matter of policy, the government is doing this organic farming, green farming only. It should be kept in mind that the secretaries and everyone else should hand over the chemical fertilizer to the private sector. If anyone wants it they can bring it and we can provide it to the farmers. Then it could be considered as available. Then no one can say that this does not exist. However, only these organic fertilizers are given priority in the subsidy. Then the farmer automatically gets used to it.

The problem is that the farmer is not aware of this. The farmer is not sure what fertilizer is being applied. We have not distributed fertilizer yet. They protest only when there have problems with these. If not this season will be a complete failure. That cannot be allowed to happen. But it is bad that we as a whole have nothing to do with the importation of this fertilizer by the government. There is no interest in this from the lowest level to the highest level. That is why these issues arise.

This structure is still being developed by those associated with our chemical companies associated with these chemical fertilizers and those who promote it. We have to get rid of them and spread organic fertilizer. That is the national policy. If the Secretary himself goes and says that he needs chemical fertilizer then I do not care. Then there will be no national policy there. If they say later, fire them. If the Secretary or the Director of Fertilizers all speak against the policy, they are against it. If there is an opposition, they should give it to those who can and leave."

President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa said this addressing a special discussion held at the Presidential Secretariat yesterday (22) regarding the cultivation of the Maha season and the supply of fertilizer.