Rohitha Rajapaksa busy with public service despite wife’s second delivery (VIDEO)

Rohitha Rajapaksa busy with public service despite wife’s second delivery (VIDEO)

8 April 2021 07:59 am

Rohitha Rajapaksa, youngest son of Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa, joining the laying of the foundation stone to the project supplying 350 families drinking water in Nallura, Panduwasnuwara yesterday (07) said that he is helping the development process in the rural areas sparing his busy schedule due to the eagerness to help the people.

This project is being undertaken under the grants by the Department of National Community Water Supply.

"Because my second child is due on delivery today or tonight, I have to leave early. It was difficult for me to spare my time today and come here. Although there are personal commitments at home and busy with work, we spared them and came to the villages because we want to serve you," Rajapaksa said.

He added: "Actually, we are criticised by media and social media a lot, sayng that we, as a government, or the President, are not doing anything. In my opinion, this is mainly because of the communication we do with media and the political authority - which means that although our service is addressed in the villages, the message of how we are working is not communicated to the country. I think that is why the government is mainly criticised being called as failed."

Mr. Rohitha Rajapaksa was a very frequent figure in the public eye on recent occasions at Kurunegala involving in many initiatives catering to social service, and the political arena was already with the speculation that the youngest Rajapaksa son is preparing himself to contest as the Chief Minister candidate for the Vayamba Province.

However, Rohitha on many previous occasions had denied these claims.