Grassroot SLFPers pressure to contest Provincial Council Election separately

Grassroot SLFPers pressure to contest Provincial Council Election separately

8 April 2021 07:30 am

The grassroot-level supporters of Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) are reportedly of the strong view that the Party should be contesting the upcoming Provincial Council Election separately without submitting itself to alliance with Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) the Ruling Party.

In the demand, the request from the 1064 SLFP representatives of Pradeshiya Sabha and Muncipal Councils is being forwarded to the Party leadership, sources revealed.

Emphasising that the SLFP had once formed alliances with other parties as a major political stream but now as a minor, the local SLFP representatives added that the Party cannot risk itself of being decimated within the Alliance.

In the event that the Ruling Party SLPP is displaying many failures in the state administration, a public objection is being created, they warned, urging that the SLFP shall not be holding the burden by forming an alliance with the Ruling Party.

The local representatives have also pointed out that the SLFP is more likely to be deceived this time as the Ruling Party SLPP did not fulfill its promises made during the General Election, adding that the best way to protect the dignity of the Party and its members while staying in the government is to contest the Provincial Council Election with the Hand symbol (Atha) or the Betel Leaf symbol (Bulath Kolaya).