Theories behind Pakistani PM’s visit to Sri Lanka

Theories behind Pakistani PM’s visit to Sri Lanka

8 February 2021 08:27 am

The Foreign Ministry has informed that Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan is set pay a two-day visit to Sri Lanka on February 22.

The Pakistani Prime Minister will be meeting his Sri Lankan counterpart Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and External Affairs Minister Dinesh Gunawardena.

International political critics have raised opinion on the Pakistani Prime Minister's sudden visit to Sri Lanka, especially under the circumstance that both states have been severely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Pakistan is a country under the heavy influence of China, considered of which international critics point out that that Prime Minister Khan is paying a two-day visit to Sri Lanka under the influence of the Chinese government.

In the event that a diplomatic rift is being created between India and Sri Lanka, Khan's visit may likely to be worsening the situation, they opined.

Meanwhile, parties backing the Sri Lankan government go on saying that Khan's visit is expected for the Muslim countries to back Sri Lanka against the upcoming Geneva affairs amidst the Covid-19 burial dispute, given that Pakistan is a Muslim country. The idea, however, has been dimissed by international critics, pointing out that many Muslim countries of the world are holding grudges with the Pakistani Prime Minister. 

The Muslim countries' objection over Sri Lanka for its policy on mandatory cremation violating the burial rites of the Muslim community cannot be reversed by the influence of Khan whatsoever, the critics further emphasised.