Hon. Pillayan, reclaim the bribe offered to the SI now and reinstate him

Hon. Pillayan, reclaim the bribe offered to the SI now and reinstate him

15 January 2021 08:20 am

Sivanesathurai Chandrarakanthan alias Pilleyan was arrested by the CID in October 2015 in connection with the assassination of former TNA parliamentarian Joseph Pararajasingham.

After his arrest, they wanted to record statements from two key witnesses in the incident to continue the investigation. As the statements had to be recorded in Tamil, a Tamil Sub Inspector of the CID had been sent to Batticaloa but the officer had returned without taking any evidence.

The CID officers in charge of the investigation had asked him why he had not obtained their evidence as Pillayan's statement was useless without the testimony of these key witnesses. In response, the sub-inspector had stated that the Witnesses were from remote areas and that he had sent messages to them but had not been able to locate them.

On several occasions, the Sub-Inspector had made various allegations in this manner and the investigating officers had become suspicious of him for not recording the relevant evidence. A separate investigation into him had revealed that Pillayan's supporters had bribed the Sub Inspector when he went to Batticaloa to record evidence. Accordingly, it was revealed that Rs. 50,000 had been credited twice to his bank accounts.

When inquired about the money, the Sub Inspector had initially said that he had borrowed the money from a friend. If so, the investigating officers gave him the opportunity to present the friend, but he could not do so. Accordingly, he was suspended and he was not reinstated as long as Shani Abeysekara was in the CID.

Now that he has been released from the case and is a strongman in the ruling party, he has a great opportunity to thank that Sub Inspector. He can now reclaim the bribe given to him by the disciples and reinstate him. Shani Abeysekara is no longer in the CID to prevent it.