India is very unhappy about the turmeric issue

India is very unhappy about the turmeric issue

13 November 2020 08:16 am

More than 50 turmeric containers from India to Sri Lanka have been stranded at the Port of Colombo for a long time. The importers have repeatedly asked the government to allow them to return to India or at least send them if they cannot be released before the expiration date, but the government has not responded.

As a result of the government's ban on the import of turmeric, a severe shortage of turmeric has arisen islandwide and the price of a kilogram of turmeric powder used for cooking has gone up by more than Rs. 3,000. Although the government has said it will ban the import of turmeric to encourage local producers, it has been almost a year since it came to power, but local producers do not seem to be meeting the demand for turmeric to any extent. Accordingly, the people of the country are also questioning when this turmeric shortage will end.

Meanwhile, India has also drawn attention to the fact that more than 50 containers of turmeric containers imported from India have been stuck in the Colombo port for a long time. Sources said that they are also very unhappy about this.

The importers allege that President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa has asked his secretary PB Jayasunderae to take action in this regard. Although Jayasundera has been given full power, he is acting arbitrarily and withholding more than 50 containers of turmeric containers without allowing them to be returned or not. The importers also allege that Jayasundera is abusing the power of the President and that in the end all this will go beyond the President.

If a product imported from India cannot be released for commercial use here, at least if it is allowed to be sent back to India before it expires or is destroyed without allowing it, then Sri Lanka is also in danger of India taking some action on certain products exported from Sri Lanka to India.