UNP National List nominee to be declared next week

UNP National List nominee to be declared next week

18 October 2020 05:16 pm

The national list nominee of the United National Party (UNP) is due on declaration next week, sources said. 

Following the dramatic defeat in the 2020 Polls, the sole parliamentary seat the all green party managed to secure through the national list has not been designated to a member yet. Nevertheless, the post would be declared in compliance with a priority list, which was adapted by the UNP, a party senior on the condition of anonymity told LNW.

In the event that Party Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe, who is on the top of the list, had denied the offer, the next in line for the post would be former Minister of Tourism Development, Wildlife and Christian Affairs John Amaratunga, who has been favoured by a majority of the UNP.

Amaratunga has also been favoured by the Party Leadership, according to the source. 

The handful of members, including Party Secretary Akila Viraj Kariyawasam, who had uprisen a wretched condition within the party by objecting Amaratungathe have not expressed their objection to the priority list adapted by the UNP either, the party senior revealed. 

Despite Kariyawasam's actions on informing the National Election Commission that his name alone should be nominated for the post, this cannot simply take place without a majority's vote in the UNP, internal sources divulged. That being said, Kariyawasam, as the Party Secretary, may be compelled to accept the majority's favour.

In the backdrop that the next few days would be vital for the discussion on the 20th Amendment to the Constitution in the Chambers, the declaration of the national list nominee for the parliamentary seat representing the UNP would be taken place within the next week, whilst the matter is being hotly debated among the party members in the present as well, sources further said.