Bathiudeen’s disappearance: CID searches Opposition Leader’s house

Bathiudeen’s disappearance: CID searches Opposition Leader’s house

17 October 2020 03:35 pm

In the absence of knowledge on the whereabouts of former minister Rishard Bathiudeen, who is currently declared wanted, Police teams have not been able to make an arrest him. 

Six police teams have been deployed to arrest the former minsiter, and reports claim that several houses belonging to Bathiudeen in Colombo, Mannar and Puttalam have been searched up to point.  

Meanwhile, CID officers visited the residence of Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa at Royal Park apartment complex yesterday (16) afternoon. The Opposition Leader was questioned by the CID officers on a supposed telephone call held between him and Bathiudeen hours after the CID obtained a court order for the arrest.

In response, Opposition Leader Premadasa said that it is normal for him to hold telephone conversations with Bathiudeen as he is a Member of Parliament representing the political party he leads.

Leader of Sri Lanka Muslim Congress Rauf Hakeem was questioned by the CID in the same manner for an alleged telephone conversation between the two.

Ruling Party MP Wijedasa Rajapaksa went on public record that Rishard Bathiudeen and his brother are being sheltered by none other than the government itself. 

Meanwhile, public began speculation as to why the CID, which is tracing the former minister's phone calls and questioning his contacts, is still unable to locate Bathiudeen's whereabouts, resembling the scenario with similar features involving the searches for former minister Ravi Karunanayake and Kurunegala Mayor Anuruddha Sampayo, thereby building conspiracy theories.

What are the Similarities?

When the CID had obtained a court order for the arrest of Karunanayake, Thilakaratne, then director of the CID, who had received information about a possible location for the former finance minister's whereabouts, had immediately visited Temple Trees to obtain permission from the Prime Minister to make the arrest, dragging much amusement before the public. 

Fueling the amusement, the Prime Minister had responded saying, 'If you received information on his whereabouts, what are you doing here?', adding sarcasm. 

The CID then had sent a team of Police officers to arrest Karunanayake, after which it was revealed that he had left the place. 

The chain of events was similar in the case of arresting Sampayo. Following days of exhaustion in the failure to catch Sampayo, the Mayor turned himself in revealing his scripted act from the very beginning. 

While the CID operations are continuously being ridiculed by the public, it was revealed this (17) morning that the director's position has once again been changed, appointing SSP Nishantha De Soysa as the new Director of the CID. 

Soysa is the third Police officer to sit on the CID director's chair in a row under the administration of the present regime.