UNP wretched amidst Kariyawasam’s demands?

UNP wretched amidst Kariyawasam’s demands?

17 October 2020 03:05 pm

The United National Party (UNP) is wretched over the attitude of Party Secretary Akila Viraj Kariyawasam for him being firm about being nominated to the sole parliamentary seat secured via the national list responding to the 2020 Polls, political sources divulged.

Kariyawasam is reportedly of the strong view that no name should be nominated to the Election Commission in this regard other than his own.

A number of UNP members had been nominated to the parliamentary seat the party managed to secure through the national list, out of which Party Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe's name was at the top. Wickremesinghe, on the other hand, had denied the offer.  

Senior Party member John Amaratunga and UNP's Legal Secretary Nissanka Nanayakkara, were next in line. 

Party Secretary Kariyawasam on the other hand has denied to nominate the names of either, projecting a stronghold that his name alone should be nominated for the seat, according to sources. This is said to be upbrought in Kariyawasam's objective of being nominated as the 2025 Presidential Candidate from the UNP.

Although it has been two months since the commencement of the new parliamentary session, the UNP failed to hold a parliamentary representation up to point.

A number of sources on the condition of anonymity disclosed that many people had left the UNP earlier due to Kariyawasam's dominant attitude. It is a well known fact in the UNP that former MP Sagala Ratnayake resigned from politics long before 2020 Polls due to Kariyawasam's works. This was obvious when it was revealed that Kariyawasam was the person who had led MP Buddhika Pathirana to rebel against Ratnayake in Matara District some time ago. 

Accordingly, Kariyawasam's role within the party has annoyed a number of party members, including its leader Wickremesinghe, sources added.