NFF continues to criticise SLPP over preferential votes, ready to play role of Opposition!

NFF continues to criticise SLPP over preferential votes, ready to play role of Opposition!

9 August 2020 09:06 am

National Freedom Front (Jathika Nidahas Peramuna) led by Wimal Weerawansa continues to allege Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) for stealing preferential votes of its members who contested the 2020 Polls from the SLPP mainstream.

In this most dramatic context of criticism, former NFF parliamentarian Padma Udaya Shantha, who was not elected to Parliament through the 2020 Polls, took the initial step on Friday (07) by levelling allegation that the election results were rigged in the means of a conspiracy within the SLPP to exclude him from the preferencial votes, dragging in media attention.  

On the same date, supporters of NFF contestant from Anuradhapura, Uddika Premaratne, told media that although he had won the election, he had secured more preferential votes than to which he was designated, thereby alleging that S.M. Chandrasena, who was fourth in the list, had stolen his preferential votes. Premaratne was behaving emotional and teary eyes before his most loyal supporters, media lenses caught. 

On Saturday (08), NFF contestant Jagath Priyankara calling in a press briefing alleged that the counting of preferential votes was not conducted fairly on him. Although he had secured the fifth position in the district in the counting of preferential votes, final results designated him otherwise by placing him in the sixth position, Priyankara grieved.

The former MP added that he will be taking all legal action to regain his victory, adding that he wil also smash coconut before a Devala, a holy ground in this regard. 

Amidst the continous baby cry, NFF national organiser of Kalutara Jayantha Samaraweera laid down rather a heated set of comments against the governing party before Media.

"The new government that is being formed is a government that represents two parties. If necessary we can play the role of the Opposition in it. According to our political culture, we will be making positive criticim as well as the role of the ruling party, wherever we are.  

If our own government has a shortcoming, attempts to do harm to the people, or the country, we will be acting without fear.. without conditions, as no one has the right to violate that pure mandate. We are asking to penalise them without considering the title if such violations are taken place. A number of healthy politicians have entered Parliament this time. Keep your faith in them," he said.