Will former AG be arrested too? Why is Department silent??

Will former AG be arrested too? Why is Department silent??

5 August 2020 08:30 am

A vice police inspector, namely Mendis, was remanded on Tuesday (04) on the charges of forging evidence with ex CID Director Shani Abeysekera on a firearm case involving former DIG Vass Gunawardena, who is on death row.

Gunawardena was convicted guilty for the abduction and murder of a businessman, Mohammed Shiyam, for extortion and is in death row, and his appeal over the court verdict is due to be heard in two months.

This homicide case was led by ex CID Director Shani Abeysekara.  

In the backdrop, Abeysekara was arrested on July 31, 2020, under Gampaha Magistrate Court order No. B. 1536/2020 based on the IGP's instructions, for allegedly forging evidence involving discovery of a pack of firearms in Kalagedihena area in 2014 related to the same case, and the aforesaid vice police inspector was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly assisting the ex CID director. 

Nevertheless, it should be noted that Abeysekara had not carried out the above investigations at his own discretion, for every move, including the arrests, was made in compliance with the instructions given by senior officials of the Attorney General's Department, with their recommendations and approval. These have also been detailed in the investigation reports. 

However, astonishment rises as the AG's Office is maintaining a silent policy on the matter.

The AG's Office does not appear before court pertaining to the case, nor it has acknowledged that the investigations were being carried out within a legal framework, with sufficient evidence and consent. It is unknown at this point what the Attorney General's Department  will be doing after. 

The Criminal Investigation Department is obliged to make all arrests pertaining to a case after informing the AG's Office, in accordance with the legal system. Without it, the CID cannot act on its own will.  

That being said, should the investigation continue, the CID officers would also be able to arrest the then Attorney General Yuwanjan Wijetilake and his successsor, Jayantha Jayasuriya, the current Chief Justice.