Verdict on Choka Malli not valid, vote him, appeals SLPP

Verdict on Choka Malli not valid, vote him, appeals SLPP

2 August 2020 09:51 am

The Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) appealed from its supporters to vote for Premalal Jayasekara, whom was convicted guilty and pronounced for death sentence for a murder committed during the 2015 presidential election, and elect him as a Parliament member, as there is no legal obstacle to his general election candidature. 

"Everyone should disregard the final verdict proclaimed over Mr. Premalal Jayasekara and several others. According to the law of Sri Lanka, the final verdict can be proclaimed by the Court of Appeal. This verdict was given by the original court.

We are hoping to raise the issue of credibility of the witnesses to this case as a fundamental issue before the Court of Appeal. Now everyone is wondering whether there is any harm to this candidature from this judgment. Absolutely not!

From the point of referring this case to the Court of Appeal, there would be no validity to the court verdict. Therefore, we have no question about the validity of his candidature. Neither will you, the voters. The Election Commission has an obligation to issue his results - in accordance with the voter's right to vote for his number and the Commission's responsibility to count those votes.

Accordingly, we believe it is inevitable that the Election Commission will declare him as an elected member by issuing the number of votes he collected, in a measurement to the present political situation. It should be made clear that this court verdict stands no hindrance whatsoever. The only struggle we have is that we have to prevent it from being delayed in trial at the Court of Appeal. The appeal should be heard and concluded as soon as possible for him to get elected as a member to serve the public and contribute his duties to Parliament in order to fill the responsibilities to the public, as we believe.   

Although he is imprisoned, the prison has a responsibility to send him to Parliament, therefore, there would be no problem. Cast your preference to him more than before," front line SLPP figure Vasudewa Nanayakkara said speaking to a public rally held in Rathnapura yesterday (01).