P.B. Jayasundara a Star Queller for the Government?

P.B. Jayasundara a Star Queller for the Government?

1 August 2020 09:07 pm

Raising candles to much of the controversy argued over President's Secretary Punchi Banda Jayasundara, we have received documented evidence proving the white collar's insane behaviour with state power, similar to how he does today, about twelve years ago - an affidavit in particular filed before the Supreme Court by his own hands. 

During this period, P.B. Jayasundara was a respondent to an ongoing Fundamental Rights case, numbered S.C.F.R. NO.209/2007, the John Keels Case. On October 08, 2008, the Supreme Court ordered Jayasundera to submit an affidavit assuring him that he would not accept any government post during the hearing. Being ordered, Jayasundara did so, by vowing in the name of Buddhism at the dispense of a statement that Punchi Bandara Jayasundara, as the eight respondent to the case, will bow the judgement of the Supreme Court on July 21, 2008, thereby pledging a compensation of five hundred thousand rupees to the government.   

However, tables turned as the Supreme Court declared on the date of verdict that the President is capable of appointing any individual as a ministerial secretary in accordance with the article 52 of the Constitution, hence the power of the President on such appointment cannot be interfered by the Judiciary, thereby legally paving the way for Punchi Bandara Jayasundara to fill a secretary chair in a ministerial chamber. 

However, need we reiterate that Jayasundara has not been acquitted by the Court of Law on any occasion.

In the face of impatience, Jayasundara is igniting his familiar blue flame forgetting that he is still a respondent to an ongoing case, believing that he is a celestial watching over everyone else. He behaves as if he has actually been acquitted.  

But even a child can understand that this man need not have to pay a compensation, had he not been a designated guilt before the Court of Law!

Accordingly, Jayasundara does not understand what can be understood by that child, as he is blinded with state power, not to mention once again. Being on a short-term journey, he is not even hesitating to appoint his personal friends to the boards of private banks. 

Denoted that the Supreme Court in fact has refused to set aside his affidavit, P.B Jayasundara thereby is bound by the facts contained in his affidavit, which are legally considered valid to date.

Below is the first and last page of the affidavit signed by P.B. Jayasundara. It contains a detailed account of his resignation from the post of Secretary to the Ministry of Finance, Secretary to the Treasury, Chairman of SriLankan Airlines and the manner in which his resignation was accepted by the relevant Ministries. He is dispensing the affidavit on the proof before Court that he has resigned from these posts. 

He not only swears that he has resigned from the post as ordered by Court, but also apologises for remaining in office for an additional period of time despite the Supreme Court's order.

Thus, he swears (see last two paragraphs) that he will no longer hold any administrative position in the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. 

So, had Punchi Bandara Jayasundara felt shame, or self-esteem, about himself, he should not have forgotten about his once-a-desperate affidavit. Does Jayasundara recognise self-shame, rather than self-respect, he cannot forget the embarrassment he once had faced before the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka for the rest of his life. 

But, are we talking about a man who recognises shame at all? Are we to conclude that Punchi Bandara Jayasundara is a Star Queller for the Government, someone who disrupts the on-going progress of the country due to his lone celestial act?

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