Choka Malli sentenced to death!

Choka Malli sentenced to death!

31 July 2020 08:18 pm

SLPP Rathnapura district contestant former MP Premalal Jayasekara alias Choka Malli has been designated for death sentence, in connection to a murder case, Rathnapura High Court proclaimed in a verdict today (31).

Three suspects including Jayasekara were prosecuted in connection to a murder by gunshot in Kahawatta, Rathnapura area during the 2015 Presidential Polls. The other two suspects to the case were former Sabaragamuwa provincial council member Nilantha Jayakody and former chairman of the Kahawatta Pradeshiya Sabha. 

All three have been sentenced to death.  

The prime suspect to the case, Choka Malli, had been in remand prison during the 2015 General Election and even won the polls.