P.B Jayasundare’s antics hurting the President

P.B Jayasundare’s antics hurting the President

29 July 2020 03:45 am

Secretary to the President P.B Jayasundare has had a history of excesses, he has been found guilty by the Courts of violations of procedure.

The court barred him from holding any public office. The Courts later overturned the previous decision and allowed Jayasundera to be reinstated.

This week we highlighted an attempt by him to forcefully remove a legitimately appointed Chairman of Commercial Bank of Ceylon KDD Dheerasinghe.

For highlighting this thuggish act of Jayasundare, we received several responses. People who wrote to us want the President to follow the law do things legitimately and not risk the depositors money. Majority don’t want to see the private banks fall into the same plight of the state banks, under capitalized, politicized and over staffed.

A Government source told the web Jayasundare has been doing what ever he pleases. He recently appointed a lady by the name of Shamalie Gunawardana as a Non-Executive Independent director of DFCC Bank. His next step source suspects is to make her Chairman of DFCC.

Private Banks are not the property of politicians and public servants to feed their relatives and their private interests a Union Leader told the Web , we will continue to fight against these abuses. Jayasundare’s excesses are only hurting the President just before an election.