People’s Bank Chairman to toss cash in millions for building personal image

People’s Bank Chairman to toss cash in millions for building personal image

14 July 2020 04:31 pm

While many politicians are busying themselves to build their image tossing millions amidst the upcoming 2020 General Election, sources told LNW that another group is tuning the same frequency with utmost urge.

These are institutional heads appointed for state operated bodies. Following the election's conclusion, new government officials are set for appointment as members of boards of directors and institutional heads, and therefore, are launching various operations to secure their seats in the most narrowest of moves. 

This is mainly because they are aware that some institutional heads may lose their titles in the conclusion of the Polls. 

Some officials, according to sources, are so committed to their most personal of campaigns, in order to secure, and / or put at least a one step ahead of their career ladder. The most prominent figure of them all is the Chairman of People's Bank Mr. Sujeewa Rajapaksa. 

Rajapaksa is on the dream of becoming the Secretary of Treasury in the new government following August 05, according to sources. Should he fail in this most private of objectives, he is set for ambition to secure the post as the governor of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, sources close to People's Bank told LNW. 

The post of Secretary to the Treasury, also known as Secretary to the Ministry of Finance, will be vacant in the coming days and the present governor of CBSL, at most, may not be re-appointed for the post. 

Sujeewa Rajapaksa the People's Bank Chairman has already launched a campagin to build his image, in which case the risk of misappropriation of bank deposits for this narrow purpose may be on a rise, further disclosed by sources. Rajapaksa is on the determination to launch a special campaign to uplift image, in an indirect move through the Bank's advertising campaign, they divulged. 

For this purpose, the People's Bank Chairman has already ordered the commercial and advertising division of the Bank to allocate funds, the sources added.  

The trade unions responding the People's Bank, including the Ceylon Banks Association, have strongly posed objection against the move, stressing that they will never allow the People's Bank Chairman to misuse public funds on building his own image.