Ajith Rohana picked up Daughter from Air Runway. CCTV Cameras turned off!

Ajith Rohana picked up Daughter from Air Runway. CCTV Cameras turned off!

17 May 2020 07:08 pm

Persistent on the previous reports revealing the most staggering repatriation amidst the COVID-19 crisis involving a top government official, trustworthy sources told LNW that Mr. Ajith Rohana's daughter was returned from Kiev city, Ukraine to Sri Lanka on May 08 on flight PG 5903 belonging to Sky Up Airlines, and she was illegally taken home without referring to a quarantine procedure whatsoever. 

A group of Ukrainian engineers aboard the said flight, through which Mr. Rohana's daughter was also returned, had arrived at the Katunayake Bandaranaike International Airport at 04.10 am on May 08, to repair several Antonov 32 aircrafts belonging to the Sri Lanka Air Force. Mr. Ajith Rohana then had driven his car to the runway, collected his daughter, reached the Immigration and Emigration officials to settle the affairs and taken her home on a separate way without proceeding through the airport, our correspondents revealed.

Apparently, this was how DIG Ajith Rohana, who has been televising before a whole country on how to comply with the quarantine laws whilst branding those who do not refer themselves for quarantine as traitors, has been acting in 'compliance' with the laws himself. 

Air Force CO got hammered?  

Nevertheless, Mr. Ajith Rohana has become irritated with the media speculations pertaining to the matter surfaced on the internet since a couple of days, suggesting of which the DIG has reprimanded the Air Force Commanding Officer (CO) in charge of the runway security on the notion that he has been leaking these information to the outside, according to our correspondents.

As Mr. Rohana's verbal assault - according to the sources - has reached to the point of obscene language, the Air Force CO in defence has questioned him back demanding answers as on what right did he drive-through his private vehicle into the runway, with revealing that such authorisation is given only when foreign state heads are brought to the country, and thereby pointing out that the DIG has committed an abuse of power. The Air Force CO in charge of the runway has further emphasised that he did not tell anyone about what happened, however, this was already a story that was being heard and spread across the entire Airport crew who were on duty that day, for which he is not responsible.

Our correspondents also revealed that some of the Airport crew members who were on duty that day had video recorded the drive-through of the DIG's vehicle into the runway.

We, LNW, had published a report on the above incident a week ago, however, our report contained a piece of misinformation for which we deeply feel regret. Our early report suggested that Mr. Ajith Rohana's daughter was repatriated to Sri Lanka from a flight that flew from Dubai, leveling that Mr. Dilith Jayaweera had paid for this flight that carried 260 passengers along with Mr. Rohana's daughter. We express our apologies if this report caused inconvenience to Mr. Dilith Jayaweera. Therefore, we decided to take down the news item due to its sensitive and inaccurate nature.  

What does the "Independent" Fact Crescendo have to say now?

Fact Crescendo, an "independent" media observer that is entrusted for tracing accuracy of facts shared on Facebook, had marked our news item as a False report suggesting that such incident did not occur and that Mr. Ajith Rohana's daughter was not repatriated to Sri Lanka according to what they defined as independent investigations revealed. If truth be told, their 'independent' conclusion was concreted by information collected from none other than the government official, who was accused for such wrongdoing, himself, reminiscing the folk saying, Horage Ammagen Pena Ahanawa. Their marking on our news item had affected our post reach on Facebook, but now we are keen to now what they have to say about this. 

On the other hand, we have many questions on the nature of independence of these independent media observers stationed in Facebook, and this would be the perfect opportunity for them to unravel the career pathway that gained them so much independence. 

A high ranking government official personally involved

A high ranking government official had directly involved in the repatriation of Mr. Ajith Rohana's daughter, who was studying in Belarus, through a Ukrainian flight, and he had personally telephoned Ukraine on settling the matter, our sources further disclosed. 
Also, it was revealed that the CCTV cameras had been turned off at the time of the flight's arrival at the Katunayake Bandaranaike International Airport, due to lightening. Needless to say, that the country should be going heebie-jeebies should the camera systems of a body that directly involves the National Security be disabled in the occurrence of a mere adverse weather condition. 

However, Mr. Ajith Rohana, who had said that our previous report is completely a false allegation, has emphasised that he has no intention of repatriating his daughter at this moment. If he continues to deny after this revelation, the CCTV camera system at the Katunayake Bandaranaike International Airport, the Air Force personnel and the airport crew who were on duty that day can be called in for producing evidence. 

Dear Mr. Ajith Rohana, come forth, let us meet in Court! 

Dear Mr. Ajith Rohana, you are a lawyer. Half the editorial in our news station are lawyers. There are lawyers much senior than you in our editorial. Please come forth, let us meet in trial!

As we try before Court, we are prepared to uncover on the Case (B/103/1996) Verdict leveled against you in accordance with the Article 11 of the Constitution for brutally torturing a suspect, by which his genitals were permanently damaged, during your tenure as the Officer in Charge of Walasmulla Police Station in 1996, a case for which you gave in so much suppression from being learnt by the public, and much more.