Transportation shall be strictly prohibited till April 28 - Dr. Prasanna

Transportation shall be strictly prohibited till April 28 - Dr. Prasanna

30 March 2020 08:09 am

Dr. Prasanna Gunasena, chairman of state pharmaceutical corporation, stressed that curfew and restriction of transportation shall be aggressively imposed till April 28 to combat the corona virus pandemic. 

"We are at a transitional stage, we need be aware that this comes as waves. One wave came from outside. When it was being lowered down, the wave inside our country spreads.

Another wave would follow thereafter as we free the country once continue our employments and allow passengers to return to Sri Lanka. 

The curfew shall be extended - as I said earlier, we may be able to get a confirmation by April 28. Until that time we have strictly prohibit public transportation. 

People have to think - that even today around 900 - 700 people have died. If this is occurred usually the respiratory equipment are not installed for people above the age of 70. If truth be told, this means that we are legitimately killing people, speeder than hanging them. So, we have to think whether we drive our country to that point, or act responsibly. When symptoms occur, about 20% of people who remain at their homes can spread the virus without sustaining symptoms at all. 

So, if you have a doubt of any kind whether you had connections with someone returned from abroad or had a business with anyone, you have to isolate yourself with a separate cup and a plate for 14-day home quarantine. Otherwise, 4% of you who are above 60 may likely to die, above 70, 8%, and those above 80, 30%. Do not take this lightly," he said.

Dr. Prasanna Gunasena made these observation speaking to a television program yesterday (29).