May Leaders unite with genuine interest before Public

May Leaders unite with genuine interest before Public

24 March 2020 07:13 am

Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa has called in an all parliamentary party leaders' meeting in the wake of the public health crisis occurred due to corona virus. The meeting accordingly would be held in Temple Trees this (24) this morning.

The attempt foremost shall be appreciated. Amidst a situation in which the vast majority is clueless of an accurate estimation as to what should be done, political leaders should be acting more responsibly. Although the panic due to the coronavirus pandemic is being slowed down, or meeting a pause for all we could say, the ensuing economic crisis may not be tolerable at all. In the backdrop, only the unity among each and every one of us has the solution to everything.  

But we have witnessed too many all parliamentary party leaders' meetings before. Despite being hours long chatter rooms, neither of them seemed to have provided concrete measures to solving country's problems nor did we ever witness unity among leaders.  

On the other hand, the party leaders being rivalry against each other amidst an upcoming election are openly hostile in their public commentary. Yesterday's feud between two powerful political figures was the perfect example. Is there a slightest possibility to ask them for unity while they are openly accusing each other?

It is no secret that behind closed doors these so called rivalries share toasts under the same roof as the sun goes down. When they have family weddings, the ones who are invited are none other than their political rivals, not the supporters who shed blood on the ground clashing against each other. Despite contrast political ideologies they belong to the same social class by which they scratch each other's backs being buddies. Their personal friendship protects themselves in the face of legal problems despite government changes. Examples are allover. 

They clash against each other in the face of politics to secure their votes bases. This is a moment an election, not to mention a critical one, is in future occurrence. Therefore, it is very likely that the all parliamentary party leaders' meeting concludes unsuccessfully by which the leaders once again open fire against each other, only to deceive the public. 

If the chain is not broken now, they will never be able to unite the people to combat this public health crisis once and for all. Because people in the grassroots, unlike their leaders, have divided amongst themselves in the face of politics on genuine interest. They are angry with each other on behalf of the political party they vote for, the devotion they crave for. Blood is shed on worst case scenario. 

When the country's economy is in dire straits the political leaders should be acting in uniting their followers irrespective of differences for the common goal of saving the country from the disaster it befell upon.

If they continue to play the game there will not be a country left in future to play for.