Accused invited for the birthday party of a state witness!

Accused invited for the birthday party of a state witness!

25 February 2020 09:34 pm

Few photographs of Nimal Perera celebrating his Birthday party - whose account has been credited with Rs. 140 million exposed in connection with the air bus transaction deal where a total US dollar two million bribe was taken - are circulating in the social media these days.

Due to the specialty of the news we pick up some of the photographs for you.

Nimal Perera has been named as a government witness in a case filed against Namal Rajapaksa MP for money laundering act in connection with obtaining a sum of Rs. 70 million from Indian Krish Company claiming to promote rugby in Sri Lanka. Accordingly, the defendant had come to the birthday party of a state witness.

Nalaka Godahewa, a stalwart of the Wiyath maga was is also connected to the case. He has also been accused of acting as an intermediary in the transaction when the latter was holding the post of Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission of Sri Lanka. Shehan Semasinghe, appearing in front of the media, swearing that the government has no influence in the investigation into the air bus fraud, is also in the photographs of the birthday party with Minister Johnston Fernando.

Witnessing all the former Chief Justice Sarath N. Silva Mr. Silva too has joined the party with a smile. We at LNW has nothing to tell about it but it is up to the people to read and understand the photos rather than just looking at them.