Smaller parties backing SLPP in turmoil amidst backlash over resolution to contest separately

Smaller parties backing SLPP in turmoil amidst backlash over resolution to contest separately

14 February 2020 09:07 am

The smaller parties backing the SLPP mainstream have grown themselves into a state of turmoil amidst the resolution for Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna and parties backing it including the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) to contest separately in the general election in order to reassemble in making of a national government, sources revealed. 

This is because the resolution originally leveled to oust the SLFP backed by smaller parties stands in favour to the SLPP mainstream and now acts as backlash on the smaller parties themselves, according to sources.

A resolution to revoke the memorandum of understanding signed by SLPP-SLFP coalition in the presidential election was leveled as the SLFP intended to achieve 30 per cent of nominations and cabinet titles by depicting a nonexistent people's power. The resolution has been backed by smaller parties devoted to the SLPP mainstream saying that they too wish to being granted nominations in the quota. 

As the conversations go deep, founding members of the SLPP pointed out that the smaller parties backing the Pohottuwa intend the same, by which according to them these minor streams are hoping to achieve more ministerial portfolios in the government by winning more votes depicting a non-existent vote base, same as the SLFP. Their tactic to grant nominations to celebrities and artists would lose the opportunity for politicians who genuinely devoted themselves for the success of SLPP, they pointed out. 

The SLPP itself spends time, efforts and money from one district to another from one electorate to another securing the victory of the SLPP political mainstream, they further stressed, pinning down that these smaller streams tend to gain popularity through mere media coverage without spending a single coin hence the injustice on those who actually love the party.

The SLPP seniors accordingly viewed that the smaller parties should also contest separately same as the SLFP thereby pointing out that the number of cabinet ministries could be increased up to 48 and deputy ministries, 45 upon reassembling a national government.

In the highest peak of Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksa's popularity the SLPP as a standalone party can achieve a record-breaking number of 113 seats in Parliament, the seniors further claimed, as none in the recent history had ever done that. If the reassembled alliance could achieve 150 seats in Parliament 113 of them would be of SLPP, they added. 

Meanwhile, given the inconclusiveness of granting nominations in the present, separately contesting would also allow to offer more nominations to the President's Viyath Maga organization, one among the seniors emphasized. 

Accordingly, SLPP devotees Mahajana Eksath Peramuna, Jathika Nidahas Peramuna and Pivithuru Hela Urumaya have grown themselves into a state of turmoil given the attractiveness to the resolution from the perspective of Pohottu founders, as claimed by sources.