Opposition Leader shuts down UNP abbreviation argument

Opposition Leader shuts down UNP abbreviation argument

12 February 2020 07:34 am

The letter addressed to the Election Commission written by the UNP legal secretary seeking cancellation of registration of the party "Samagi Janatha Balawegaya" claiming that its English name of what he described as "United Naitional Power" imitates the signature abbreviation of the United National Party (UNP) is baseless, Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa emphasized. 

Upon query by LNW, Mr. Sajith Premadasa pointed out that the new party is titled Samagi Jana Balawegaya in accordance with the amendments he submitted to the Election Commission and its abbreviation would be "SJB".

The Opposition Leader further emphasized that he never wishes to damage the identity of the United Naitonal Party, pointing out that the legal secretary submitted this letter to the Election Commission by misunderstanding the name of the new alliance due to misinformation shared on the internet.  

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