Minsters disheartened without being assigned for scopes

Minsters disheartened without being assigned for scopes

14 January 2020 08:23 am

Many Cabinet and State ministers have not yet been accounted for scopes and institutions under them through gazette, reports revealed, leading them to disappointment. 

Gazettes issued assigning scopes for eight Cabinet and State ministers on Monday (13), conclusively only nine Cabinet ministers and fourteen State ministers have been assigned for their respective bodies so far.  

The Cabinet comprising sixteen members including the Prime Minister was sworn in on November 22, 2019, and the thirty eight State ministers were sworn in on November 27.

Accordingly, many minsters were left with no scopes and institutions after forty seven days of the initial swearing in, leading them to disappointment, according to reports. 

This has publicly been expressed by State Minister of Wildlife Wimalaweera Dissanayake on Monday addressing a press conference held in Ampara. 

"I have no need of boasting about anything. But given this most vulnerable of times, I used to be a famous and important person when I started my career in politics of this country. But after a government came to power, I was no longer an important figure with an image. That is the truth. 

This means the political vision I believe in did not find me that important after it came to power. When it was most vulnerable I was there for it always. I spoke on many occasions representing the party as it lacked people. These should be understood. We used to be like buddies, sharing the most filthiest of words being ourselves, working towards gaining the governing power. But when it came to power the directions gradually took a turn. Like a chameleon. People began to change. Those buddies.. are no longer buddies.  

Everyone has taken their title for granted, lives in a pride. When we tend to work with them many issues occur. For an example, Mr. Chandrasena is the Cabinet Minister of my ministry. We are equal in politics, good friends. But he does not issue the gazette vesting me with the scopes. He keeps them instead. I have no problem with it. But these people who worked together for a common political goal no longer wish sharing," he said.