Obscenity of the Maharagama Apeksha Hospital Director lets the government down!

Obscenity of the Maharagama Apeksha Hospital Director lets the government down!

11 December 2019 02:58 pm

The obscene commentary admixed with racism posted by director of Maharagama Apeksha Cancer Hospital, Dr. Wasantha Dissanayake, on social media has put the government in a very difficult position. 

His attitude on social media was taken into spotlight as he stressed that the amount of Rs. 14 crores raised by Mr. M.H.S. Mohammed, founder of Fight Cancer Fund, to purchase machines for the cancer hospital has not been received. 

If the said amount was actually raised for the benefit of the cancer hospital and coursed for a different purpose, it should no doubt be questioned. However, a medium in which the Muslim community was blatantly targeted for hatespeech should never be used for raising such issue. 

On the other hand, Dr. Wasantha Dissanayake leading the promotion to raise funds for Fight Cancer is quite problematic. There might have been many donors contributed for the good cause simply by trusting him. If the funds were lost, this should have been questioned by lodging with the Police demanding an investigation; by submitting the evidence possessed by him. He, instead has taken in to social media to insult the fundraiser on his Muslim nationality by calling him 'thambiya', 'sukaraya', etc., whilst retaliating against those who question his comments by calling them, casual wives of Mohammed 'mohammed ge hora gaanu', prostitutes 'vaishyawan', indicating utmost obscenity and devaluing his profession as a medical doctor.  

The director of Apeksha Hospital also commits a serious offense by affiliating the President of Sri Lanka into his racist and obscene conversation. May his actions be backed by the moral gained by the establishment of the new government, he is committing a serious offense by doing so. 
The profession of a medical doctor is considered sacred in the Sri Lankan culture. However the attitude exhibited by Dr. Wasantha Dissanayake depicts the behaviour of a thug from underworld.  

The said doctor served as the director of the said hospital before. Upon the establishment of the new government, his hidden racist tendencies previously not evident are being displayed shamelessly. Now that his true nature is out, it may not be undone. This should be seriously understood by the government. 

The government should have an accurate estimation on this medical officer who is a head of a state institution, a hospital, and more importantly a medical institution treating patients with a very sensitive nature of illness. 

May Dr. Wasantha Dissanayake be a strong tie to the present government, we do not know. But need we say that his behaviour is never accepted in a civilized society, nor fitting for a government. As long as people like Dr. Wasantha Dissanayake exist, a government does not need to be cautious of enemies from outside. 

Below are some of the most disgusting commentary published by Dr. Wasantha Dissanayake, Director of Apeksha Cancer Hospital, Maharagama.

Some of the commentary are too graphic that cannot be published.