UNP frontmen criticize Mangala over Sajith’s defeat

UNP frontmen criticize Mangala over Sajith’s defeat

18 November 2019 09:51 am

Mr. Mangala Samaraweera is responsible for the defeat of Mr. Sajith Premadasa in the presidential election, accounting to all the commentary he had made splitting the Sinhalese Buddhist vote base during the election period, said the front figures of the United National Party (UNP), pointing out that they were amazed by the fact that Mr. Premadasa did not make ant effort to amend them. 

Mr. Ranil Wickremesinghe, as a Party, or personally, did not pull Mr. Sajith Premadasa by the leg during the presidential election, they said, adding that keeping close people like Mangala Samaraweera whose derogatory comments on Buddhist clergy had lost the Sinhalese Buddhist votes in the South caused this defeat. 

They said they personally view as if Samaraweera had served someone else's agenda. 

Mangala - Malik and others who had demanded nomination for Mr. Sajith Premadasa are now resigning only to gain attention, they alleged, pointing out that such resignation should have been tendered as a collective approach by the whole group. 

"Sajith asked from Ranil only to secure the votes in the North and the East. He said he would take care of the rest of the country's areas. Come to see of it, he did not have the grassroot support at all. We told to operate the election from Sirikotha, but did not listen. This has happened because he instead had stubbornly went to Vauxhall street for and appointed people he liked and continued the works. Another thing. Not like now, when Mahinda contested, Chandrika had objected to it seriously. But Mahinda won the election. It is useless to point fingers at others after defeat. We thought he was famous among the grassroots. But he never had it in the first place," they further said.