Sajin Vass: A two face culprit making a public show

Sajin Vass: A two face culprit making a public show

8 November 2019 10:54 am

Sajin Vass Gunawardena, a former power-figure of the Rajapaksa regime and a close friend to the Rajapaksa family, on a recent press conference disclosed that Mahinda Rajapaksa posed death threats to his family, producing a telephone conversation carried out with MP Lohan Ratwatte as evidence before media. 

However, the element most have overlooked in the scenario is the fact that Gunawardena had retaliated against the Rajapaksas in his phone conversation that he would destroy the entire Rajapaksa family if his family is even touched. If one is being threatened with life, the drill is to take legal actions against it, not calling in press conferences and publicly retaliate on those who posed it.

Although Sajin Vass' testament before media would favour the United National Party led New Democratic Front's campaign in the moment, the UNP should understand the consequences of keeping someone like Sajin Vass Gunawardena close. What assurance can one make that Sajin's threat over the Rajapaksas today would not be against the UNP tomorrow?

Sajin Vass Gunawardena by definition is a culprit. He according to his own definition is Mahinda Rajapaksa's secret financial advisor. It is true that he knows all the secrets to the financial frauds committed during the Rajapaksa era, with his involvement. It is also true that he never reveals them. 

Sajin Vass has been accused of separate crimes. He was remanded in custody in 2015 and released by promising the heads of good governance that he would reveal the secrets of the Rajapaksas. But Sajin Vass during the last four years only kept the secrets of the Rajapaksas as pawns and undermined the legal proceedings against him, no secret has been revealed. 

He in the brink of presidential race is attempting to bid a price for the fact that he knows the secrets of the Rajapaksas. The Rajapaksas in response to his claims have said that Sajin Vass is a liar and dared him to reveal secrets if there is any. But Sajin Vas is only giving a public show that he knows all the secrets of the Rajapaksas and dares not to reveal any. His actions would make no impact on the Rajapaksas at all. Accordingly, Sajin must live up to the secrets he knows, not to create avenues for the Rajapaksas.

On the other hand, NDF presidential hopeful Sajith Premadasa must also think that a notorious corrupt like Sajin Vass should not be included in his camp in the face of a presidential election that is likely to win. Because getting a culprit is not going to benefit anyone.