Kili Maharaja hires Sri Ranga to pull down Swarnavahini!

Kili Maharaja hires Sri Ranga to pull down Swarnavahini!

17 October 2019 07:13 am

Kili Rajamahen has penetrated into Lyca group through his subordinate cum supplier Sri Ranga.

Ranga is the host of Shakthi TV Minnel political manipulation program. Ranga's attempts to split Tamil votes through Shakthi TV so far failed both in North East and Upcountry. 

As Two of the popular TV channels Hiru and Derana are supporting Rajapaksa's, Kili Rajamahendran wants to get hold of another TV channel. Thus he masterminded a strategy to influence Lyca Owner Subaskaran.

Kili Rajamahendran financed multiple business class visits of Sri Ranga to UK for meetings with Lyca chief and befriended him in a big way. This helps Ranga to influence Swarnavahini news and deviated the channel from its pro Ranil stance to anti Ranil stance. Kili wants his puppet Sajith Premadasa to win the presidential election thus he can control the country according to his agenda.

Kili Raja Mahendran's loyalist Aditya Rai has also joined  Swarnavahini as its CEO. Although still there are information Aditya Rai still receives remuneration from Maharaja. It is confirmed that Aditya Rai was the Group Director of the Maharaja group.

After befriending Lyca group he has crept into the company as a Consultant & has started influencing content.

Ranga has been on the loose for a while running amok. He used his friendship with Namal Rajapakshe to evade arrest for this horrible crime he committed.

Sri Ranga’s intention is to ruin Swarnavahini & bankrupt the organisation. Lyca does not understand this.