Gota’s Legal Adviser Ali Sabry despised by Pohottu Party!

Gota’s Legal Adviser Ali Sabry despised by Pohottu Party!

9 October 2019 10:56 am

President's Counsel Ali Sabry, Chief Legal Adviser for Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) and a close friend to presidential nominee Gotabaya Rajapaksa, acknowledging in social media that the SLPP compared to other political parties filled with extremists and that the "Safi Drama" was staged by the SLPP has largely been conversed in the political arena these days. Given his public acknowledgement, Sabry has severely been criticized within the SLPP itself.  

This would be the first time that a responsible person in the SLPP has publically admitted on who's bidding the entire conspiracy around Dr. Safi, in which 'Kurunegala Welanda Sangama' group handling Gotabaya's Viyathmaga Kurunegala, renowned SLPP activist Prof. Channa Jayasumana, Wimal Weerawansa's Jathika Nidahas Peramuna activist Director of Kurunegala Teaching Hospital Dr. Sarath Weerabandara and Venerable Athuraliye Rathana Thera promoted hatred and communal disharmony, was committed. 

Nevertheless, it is evident from Sabry's recent acknowledgement on Facebook that they are very well in line with the previous views expressed on Facebook against the Safi Drama during the time of the heat. The comparison deciphers that not only he knew that the Safi Drama was staged by the SLPP from the beginning, but also had fought against it.   

Due to the extreme racist comments made by Madhumadhava Aravinda, Deputy Leader of Pivithuru Hela Urumaya belonging to Udaya Gammanpila, he during a Party meeting held with the frontmen of the SLPP has been forced to resign from all his posts and stay on his own till the end of the presidential election, reports said. 
President's Counsel Ali Sabry during the meeting has severely criticized Madhumadhava Aravinda, suggesting to either tender willful resignation with utmost respect or sack him out of the SLPP, according to sources.

Beaten, Madhumadhava Aravinda rather emotionally has responded to the accusations leveled against him, however, with lack of support to defend his comments, has walked out of the meeting optionless, sources further said. 

Ali Sabry has triumphantly posted a Facebook remark on what has happened, and some even have been especially thanking him for the measurements taken.

However, with Ali Sabry's acknowledgment that Safi Drama was a creation of the Pohottu Party and role on sacking Madhumadhava Aravinda out of the Party, there has been some serious criticism from Sinhala extremists groups in the SLPP on the role of Sabry in this regard.

It seems that the Pohottu nationalist groups are seriously questioning whether the SLPP will continue to implement the Sinhala supremacist political agenda!

Sinhala extremists have been angered by the fact that a religion-loving politician, such as Madhumadhava Aravinda, who spoke on behalf of the Sinhalese nation, has been thrown away by the SLPP at the will of a foreigner and a person worshiping an alien religion, questioning on who's authority such decision was made in the most Sinhala supremacist political party.

Amidst the allegations, the senior leadership of the SLPP has also changed their views towards Ali Sabry significantly, and there is a risk that he may not get the positions he was promised once government is taken, according to reliable sources.