Hakeem condemned over ’opportunistic’ comments against abolishing Executive Presidency!

Hakeem condemned over ’opportunistic’ comments against abolishing Executive Presidency!

21 September 2019 09:05 am

Health Minister Rajitha Senaratne at the pre-Cabinet meeting held on Thursday (19) on the proposition to abolish Executive Presidency has put a heavy blame on Minister Rauff Hakeem, sources said. 

This was during a rather speedy comment made by Hakeem against abolishing the Executive Presidency at the meeting, sources further said. 

In response to Hakeem's comments against the proposition, Senaratne rather heatedly has said that Hakeem's very existence as a minister depends on it because such promise was made before the public when the present government came to power in 2015. 

"You're in your position because the government swore before the public to abolish Executive Presidency when it came to power in 2015. You have a moral obligation to speak for it. You're acting like you don't remember anything. You're a very opportunistic man," the Health Minister has said. 

Hakeem after the Cabinet meeting had also made a statement to the media against Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, nonetheless, later admitted that it was a mistake as it had caused much hustle in the party.

Later, the minister has met with several front row ministers of the party and expressed his willingness to apologize from the Prime Minister, sources further said.