TNA denies to support ’political infant’ Sajith Premadasa for his zero knowledge on National Crisis

TNA denies to support ’political infant’ Sajith Premadasa for his zero knowledge on National Crisis

16 September 2019 09:44 am

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) on a firm stance has told the presidential hopeful Sajith Faction that they do not wish to support someone who has not understanding, activeness, sensitivity or eagerness over the national crisis, sources said. 

Talks between the Sajith Faction and the TNA were commenced at 11 am on Sunday (15) at the residence of their leader, R. Sampanthan. Sajith's rebel leader Malik Samarawickrama and Mangala Samaraweera have participated on Sajith Premadasa, while the meeting was coordinated by Health Minister Dr. Rajitha Senaratne.

The TNA MPs in giving headstart to the conversation have asked the Sajith Faction what would be their plan for the next 10 years upon developing Sri Lanka, sources claimed. They have further asked what would be their solution to 'middle income trap' with the per-capita income reaching $4000, and that whether the 30 ministries separately have activity plans, sources further claimed.

In response, Finance Minister Mangala Samaraweera said all can be prepared in future, sources further said. 

Political infant with zero knowledge about the National Crisis

Joining the conversation, Leader of TNA, R. Sampanthan, has asked how can he reside alliance to a 'political infant' who has no knowledge, understanding, sensitivity or eagerness over the of the history of the ethnic crisis, according to sources.

Sampanthan has stressed that he cannot allow his people to be deceived forever. 

In response, Minister Samaraweera has said they call are within the spectrum of possibility of being solved, for Sajith Premadasa is a person he can shape upon solving these issues. 

The TNA Leader has continued to ask whether he is to believe that Sajith Premadasa, who had never spoken a word about this crisis in the history, had landed by a parachute into middle of the problem. 

Promises like these over the history had been made during election heat, only to be deceived over and over, and there should be a limit to endless deception, he has stressed. 

Sampanthan has further pointed out that in history people like Mangala and Rajitha had made effort to seeking solutions to such issues, however, Sajith Premadasa is someone who does not even know the terminology of power devolution.

Interrupting, Samaraweera has said, "It's not all truth, we can shape Sajith. We would do that. But for the moment we ask your alliance to us.
We're aware that almost every member in your party wishes in favour. The only member who doesn't is Sumanthiran."

Don't you dare fishing us out like how you did with back-row UNP members!

MP Sumanthiran was seen outraged by hearing the comment and Leader Sampanthan has backfired at Minister Samaraweera. 

"Stop doing dirty work Mangala. You're doing such dirty work by trying to separately approaching at our every member. The TNA is not like the UNP. We as a party talk over issues together. MP Sumanthiran is the member who has the widest knowledge on the politicians of the South and the issues. You're only proving that his opinion is right. Don't you dare fishing us out like you did with back-row UNP members," Sampanthan has firmly said. 

The conversation, despite Samaraweera's many attempts, was meeting the point of decline thereafter. 

Ranil should be Prime Minister 

Apparently, the TNA has not changed their stance on the Sajith Faction, emphasizing that appointing someone with capacity solve the national crisis as Prime Minister should be mandatory. According to sources, despite the presidential candidate, Ranil Wickremesinghe should be Prime Minister in the next government, they have pointed out. Otherwise, someone like Mangala Samaraweera or Rajith Senaratne would be timely accurate, they have added. 

They have also said that they are aware of the obstacles that Ranil Wickremesinghe had to face in the last four and a half years and the TNA will make a decision upon giving consideration to every aspect. 

Accordingly, the Sajith Faction has failed to meet the goal set by Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe for Sajith Premadasa.