Prime Minister on firm stand not to nominate Sajith

Prime Minister on firm stand not to nominate Sajith

25 August 2019 02:02 pm

The United National Party is facing struggle upon nominating a candidate for the upcoming presidential polls, while the Sajith Faction continues to campaign. 

As of now, a list of signatures of UNP members supporting Sajith Premadasa has been submitted to Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe. Upon response, the Prime Minister had not made any comments, sources said.

Meanwhile, the Sajith Faction is restlessly struggling towards winning nominations for Sajith Premadasa. 

However, the Prime Minister commenting with his close associates said he will never offer nominations for Sajith Premadasa, sources said.

The Prime Minister has pointed out that Sajith is not the ideal person to lead a presidency, which according to the Prime Minister he already has emphasized before the public, according to sources. His speeches before grassroot people proves it, the Prime Minister further said, sources claimed. 

The Sajith reportedly is being not favoured by the party for his arbitrary actions upon self-proclamation for presidential candidacy.

The Prime Minister has emphasized that Sajith does not have the capacity to challenge a dynamic movement like the Sri Lanaka Podujana Peramuna, aka Pohottu party.