Safi’s case: Sarath Weera Bandara who stands above law

Safi’s case: Sarath Weera Bandara who stands above law

9 August 2019 04:44 pm

The case against Dr. Safi Shihabdeen of the Kurunegala Hospital was taken up at the Kurunegala Magistrate's Court today (09) and it was revealed that the Director of the Kurunegala Hospital Sarath Weera Bandara is acting above court orders.

When the case was taken up today, ASP Tissera, who appeared for the Criminal Investigations Department (CID), said that he had conducted the HSG investigation in secret with the participation of a number of mothers, as the Director of the Kurunegala Hospital had stated in court that the test was fatal.

The CID has asked the court to allow this HSG test to check if the mothers' fallopian tubes have been damaged. The aggrieved party objected to it and on behalf of them, Mr. Sarath Weera Bandara stated that the inquiry would be detrimental to the health of the mothers and could result in the death of the mother.

Therefore, conducting the test was prohibited until expertise from consultants on due course. 

No Fallopian tubes were damaged

However, Sarath Weera Bandara had summoned the complaining mothers to the hospital and secretly carried out the investigation through a group of doctors at the Kurunegala Hospital under him. Eight mothers have been examined, and realizing no fallopian tubes were damaged he had stopped the tests. 

Nevertheless, the doctors who had participated in the investigation had informed the CID over the phone and said they need to make statements. The CID has recorded statements from them.

Dentist become VOG?

ASP Tissera disclosed this in full detail to the court today, and questioned whether Sarath Weera Bandara stands above the law.

Tissera inquired in court on whose authority he had conducted the medical examination when an order to suspend the test had been obtained in the first place.

Tissera also inquired how Weerabandara, who is only an dentist, is investigating matters pertaining to the scope of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

After Tissera's revelation, the court granted the aggrieved party the opportunity to present opinions, but none appeared.

Accordingly, the case will be taken up again on December 12.

Phottuwa's conspiracy

At the beginning of this drama, we revealed that the incident involving Dr. Safi is a conspiracy of the SLPP, and Sarath Weera Bandara is a disciple of MP Wimal Weerawansa. Weera Bandara is footing above the judiciary by using the political power. The drama is being scripted by Weerawansa; a drama that incites racism in the coming elections and aims to win votes.

Speaking to media as an obstetrician and gynecologist, we are eager to know what Venerable Athuraliye Rathana Thera has to say about this. An examination conducted by their own dentist revealed that the fallopian tubes of the mothers had not been harmed. 

We ask whether Rathana Thera  feels well now!