Verdict by Special High Court over former Chief of Staff ensures government’s failure

Verdict by Special High Court over former Chief of Staff ensures government’s failure

9 August 2019 11:12 am

The verdict of the initial case filed before three-member Special High Court against Gamini Senarath, former chief of staff during Rajapaksa government, was handed over on Thursday (08) acquitting all accused. 

Pronouncing the verdict, the chairperson judge stated all allegations filed against defendants denoting misappropriation of Rs. 500 millions of funds belonging to Litro Gas company cannot be proved beyond reasonable doubt. 

The three-member Special High Court was appointed in the first place proclaiming to punish mass financial crimes committed during the Rajapaksa rule. Accordingly, the present government has been proven to be failed. The case also discovered transactions committed by the present Good Governance government with the Litro Gas company as well.   

Accordingly, the verdict declared nothing but huge disgrace to the present government!

The cases filed by the Police Financial Crimes Division (FCID) will suffer the same fate, sources said. Accordingly, the accused will be acquitted in the same manner.

This is due to the irregularity, incompleteness of the FCID investigations and the fact that the evidence in the case is made available to the defendant directly before the case. It is said that the corruption of the officials as well as political dealings have led to the failure of the investigations and the confidentiality of the files. Some of the reference files have disappeared altogether.

As such, the FCID has become a white elephant that consumes public money. Regardless of how many times Senior DIG Ravi Vidyalankara, who is in charge of the division, is criticized over his acts, the FCID has now become a fatherless orphan after his retirement. The Division has been completely defunct and its officers are resting at their loss.

Senior DIG Ravi Seneviratne, one of the most eminent officers, is currently in charge of the FCID. But he is also also in charge of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and the Terrorism Investigation Division (TID), the two crucial divisions of the Police Department. It is obvious Seneviratne has no time to focus on the FCID, especially since the CID and TID have been very busy given investigations into the Easter Sunday (April 21) attacks. The two divisions have been entrusted with the responsibility. It is fair that Seneviratne is also a human being.

The FCID was the only shorthand for the incumbent government that came to power showing crimes of the Rajapaksa regime. The FCID was the only body existed to show the country that they were being operating against the same financial scandals while making political deals underneath. 

Now, the last trump has been lost over the verdict made by the three-member Special High Court.