Malik Bites the hand that made him!

Malik Bites the hand that made him!

22 July 2019 01:44 pm

What does Bite the Hand That Feeds You Mean? This idiom means that if someone gave you a break and made you into what you are today, you shouldn't bite them, be ungrateful, or criticize them behind their back. 

Malik Samarawickrama, who climbed to be the Prime Minister’s closest friend by tactfully sidelining many of the Prime Minister’s old friends, has shown his real colors by stabbing the Prime Minister at a critical time and becoming a thorn to the the Prime Minister. It is the Prime Minister who gave the man a break in such a stupid fashion making him party chairman, member of parliament and minister. He went one more step by giving him the investment portfolio knowing very well he was one of the biggest deal makers looking to make money for himself. 

He did this from the outside in 2002-2004. He made merry in the current regime acting as the de facto No 2 of the party. He, Kabir hashim (the next big beneficiary) decided on the ministers. They misled the President and tore the relationship apart. The Prime Minister despite being an intelligent man succumbed to such stupidity resulting in the Prime Minister alienating his elected members. The fallout between the two is over Nandana Lokuvithana a notorious deal make of the previous regime. 

Malik and Nandana Lokuvithana are business partners. So when the Prime Minister refused to give him 300 acres of land he cracked and has sided with Sajith Premadasa to get rid of the Prime Minister. He is now working to get other political parties to back him against the Prime Minister. He is now targeting Minister Sagala Rathnayake because he refused to give the land. He stood firm and told no to Malik knowing very well what Malik was up to once again. Young Premadasa would do good for himself by staying clear of a man like Malik Samarawickrama. Because Malik’s garbage will hit him all over and spoil his clean image. 

Perhaps he is not aware that Malik’s aspirations go way beyond being a Minister. He used the Prime Minister so far, now he feels he is a dead duck. Given that he is now 70, Malik is looking for his final kill. The Inland revenue would do good to Check on Samarawickrama’s accounts in Hong Kong. The Prime Minister would do good to move Samarawickrama and his side kicks like Mangala Yapa, his collector and his boys from the investment promotion ministry and save the country from rogues.