Will current AG arrest former AG?

Will current AG arrest former AG?

21 July 2019 08:44 am

It is reported that there are plans to arrest former Attorney General Yuwanjan Wijethilaka. Accusations have been leveled against him in connection with being in possession of illegal elephant tusks.

When Yuwanjan Wijethilaka served as the AG, a pair of elephant tusks was found inside his home. However, legal actions have not taken. The pair of elephant tusks were discovered following investigations conducted by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID). It is reported that so far no statement has been recorded from the former AG.  

The CID has sought AG’s instructions with regard to legal action that can be taken against the former AG. As the AG didn’t issue necessary instructions, the CID had reminded the AG of it. The CID sought instructions to either take legal action against the former AG, or to put an end to investigations.

Responding to CID’s request, AG Dappula Livera had instructed that the former AG must be arrested and charges must be filed against him. However, the AG had also instructed to await his further instructions to make the arrest.

Accordingly, former AG Yuwanjan Wijethilaka might soon be arrested by the CID.   

It is reported that certain decisions taken by the current AG have been called problematic by many, including the President who appointed him as the AG.