Ranil is too good, JR would have banned JVP!

Ranil is too good, JR would have banned JVP!

13 July 2019 03:14 pm

When it comes to the Easter Sunday attacks, what Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) must actually do is to be self critical as a party, instead of presenting no-confidence motions against anyone, a powerful United National Party (UNP) member told Lanka News Web (LNW).

“JVP is pointing its fingers at everyone to cover itself,” he added.

He said, “Now, among those who were arrested over the Easter Sunday attacks, who has political links? There’s only one person who has at least contested a parliament election and that is Ibrahim. He contested through JVP’s list.

We don’t know him, he’s not one of our people, he was included in the national list without a reason… these silly excuses can be used to fool their people. But, before the country, world and law, these are mere stories. They even attempted to vindicate claiming Ibrahim didn’t know anything, and his sons did everything.

Two bombs exploded in Ibrahim’s house, three police officers died. What else do you want? Ibrahim cannot be absolved. JVP is attempting to conceal the truth.

The biggest suspect caught is a person who was preparing to enter Parliament through JVP’s national list.

We’re not saying they did it. But this is the truth, they can’t act like babies.

Ranil is too good. If J.R. was here, JVP would’ve been banned without a doubt. It was banned back in 83 without any such evidence.

Therefore, there’s no point in pointing fingers at various people. JVP must do a self evaluation regarding who in the party they associated with; put simply, who are their men?

For years, we were also engaged in politics, we know everything. No one includes people they don’t know in the national list. No party allows junior members to enter Parliament even though they are from within the party.

When they include someone in the national list, it’s people that are close to them and support them. In any party, party membership is just a piece of paper. The real party lies with seniors’ connections. Ibrahim is one of them, they can’t hide it.

Didn’t they spend Ibrahim’s money for elections? Didn’t Ibrahim’s children, who were suicide bombers, vote for the party their father represented? They criticize us after entering Parliament with Ibrahim’s support. Wonderful!”

“JVP members are people we can associate with. Whatever our political views are, there’s no need to create enmity. Therefore, don’t mention my name. Just tell this story,” he added.