Facebook agrees to remove users deemed inappropriate by government

Facebook agrees to remove users deemed inappropriate by government

10 July 2019 09:25 am

Over the last couple of months, it was evident that any Facebook account challenging or despising views of President Maithripala Sirisena, or the government, has been temporarily shut down or barred. 

Apparently, this has been international censorship, in which the Facebook company was forced to agree with respective governments over the world to bar any user challenging to their respective campaigning. 

The Facebook company has agreed to let the governments decide how the network should be regulated within their own borders.  

Need we remind you, that acting constitutional and acting governmental are two different segments. People in any country are bound to act in accordance with the constitutional laws, however, not before the way government wants them to act.

Apparently, Facebook has betrayed its users' freedom of expression through agreeing to such drastic measurements taken by respective governments over the world. 

Facebook in Sri Lanka is currently being regulated by a group of people working in the President's Media Unit, obviously influenced under political will.