Divayina Fake News strikes again!

Divayina Fake News strikes again!

25 June 2019 08:47 am

Three cafeterias maintained in high standards providing free meals for patients and their associates in buffet style were located near the National Hospital, Kalubowila Hospital and Maharagama Cancer Hospital.

The cafeterias being part of corporate social responsibility projects (CSR) undertaken by EXPO have been on service for over seven years by now.

Disgusted Black Media aka Divayina 
EXPO is the largest Muslim-centred business in Sri Lanka. A headline published in Divayina Newspaper on June 22 said MP Gamini Lokuge requests the government to look for free cafeteria near hospitals maintained by Muslim organizations. The piece depicted an image as if there is a reasonable doubt whether these cafeterias provide free food mixed with infertility pills to Sinhala Buddhist women, and that the SLPP parliamentarian requests for immediate investigation.   

The newspiece Divayina published under such derogatory headline demands for search-in at the said cafeterias raising suspicion among readers as to on what basis these foods are being provided for free for over seven years. The article also claimed that the said cafeterias locate Sinhala Buddhist women who are coming to the clinics, provide them a ticket and escort them to buy food.  

Is Divayina at the brink of being bankrupted? 

The newspaper attempted to link such fabricated story to the recent unrest events centering the Muslim medical officer alleged to have practiced sterilization procedures on Sinhala Buddhist mothers. Failure to reinforce the theory collaboratively built with the DIG in charge for Kurunegala, once again an attempt to reincarnate the theory of infertility pills is being made by Divayina. 

Cafeterias closed
A massive social media campaign promoting the fake story is being underway by SLPP supporters as well. Being strangled amid the unrest situation of the country, now the said cafeterias have been closed, and obviously were forced to make such decision. 

The long-running corporate social responsibility project that served the hunger of many people has been closed!

Divayina, that follows the ugliest of the ugliest of blackmedia, together with SLPP, now has barred a chain of food provider served free food for many innocent patients.

Lokuge rejects the claims

However, MP Gamini Lokuge commenting on the Divayina claims said yesterday (24) that he has never made such request from the government. 

Apparently, Divayina, for the second time, has promoted hatred, bigotry and communal disharmony among the nations by publishing fake news targeting the Muslim community. 

Where is the ICCPR? Where are the Police? 
The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) entrusted with protecting nations from promoting hatred and violence has only been used to prosecute a Shakthika Sathkumara, a Kusal Perera, a Dilith Jayaweera. 

The covenant has never been used against such disgusting blackmedia platform like the Divayina Newspaper, law enforcement at deep sleep too. 

Law in Sri Lanka is being enforced without any investigation just because Divayina says so. People get arrested, cafeterias get closed, just because Divayina says so. 

Shame on you Divayina!
What would Upali Wijewardena, founder of Divayina, think of it? What would be his response? When a reputed newspaper like Divayina been on business for the longest time promotes flames and hatred among nations under political influence, would he stand still?

In a different era, when it was columned by greatest writers of all time like Dayasena Gunasinghe, Ajith Samaranayake, at a display of creativity, artistry and excellence of newspaper reporting and information sharing, Divayina stood at royalty among the leading newspapers of Sri Lanka. 

What would be their response before the blackmedia shamelessly promoted by Divayina today? How would they feel, when their eyes are forced to witness such golden platform being fallen into the hands of a group of racists, nationalists and xenophobes?

Shame on you Divayina!