Lying only provokes embarrassment, Prez advises Wijedasa!

Lying only provokes embarrassment, Prez advises Wijedasa!

21 June 2019 09:57 am

Parliamentarian Wijedasa Rajapakse, who had arrived at President Maithripala Sirisena's meeting with a group of ministers has reportedly lodged a complaint rather heatedly.


Two suspects caught red handed slipped from the grasp
Parliamentarian Wijedasa Rajapakse told the President the two terrorists who blasted themselves at the Shangri-La Hotel had earlier been caught by the Criminal Investigation Department (CUD) in Wanathawilluwa area. According to Rajapakse, the were easily released on bail with no further investigations. 

Interrupting the conversation, Minister Rajitha Senaratne said that the demonstration is completely false, and no such thing had ever happened. He was further confident to say to call the CID for a verification if otherwise. 

The President accordingly has made a phone call to the CID in learning the truth to these claims.  


The CID's clarification
The CID has clarified the President that there were four suspects caught in Wanathawilluwa area in January 17, 2019 over possession of explosives, whom were revealed to have no connections to any terrorist activities and therefore released on bail, and summoned to appear before the CID at the last Saturday of each month. The CID has further clarified the President that following the events of the Easter Sunday, the four suspects had appeared before the CID for signing in, and they in fact have no connections to the Shangri-La bombing. 

According to the CID, they had appeared before the CID on April 27th and May 25th, and will continue to appear if alive.

Lying only provokes further embarrassment! 
At utter disappointment on Parliamentarian Wijedasa Rajapakse, President Sirisena hung up the phone and said, "I trusted you and even called the CID. Lying only provokes further embarrassment Wijedasa, so don't spread lies."

It is obvious that this is a mechanism being followed to spread false propaganda by the group favouring the Rajapaksas. Minister Rajitha Senaratne should be given the credit for mediating the situation.