Rathgama killings: DIG pleads before Constable

Rathgama killings: DIG pleads before Constable

21 June 2019 09:09 am

Senior Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Ravi Wijegunawardena, who was in charge of the Southern Province, was summoned to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) on last 19th in connection to the brutal killings of two businessmen in Rathgama, Boossa area. 

Upon his arrival to the CID, Wijegunawardena has approached to a constable who was among the interrogators to record his statement the first glance, pleaded in his knees and said, "Oh brother, please save me!" 

This apparently adds to the 153 years of Sri Lankan Police history to be a moment in which a senior DIG pleads before a constable. 

To the constable's bewilderment, in response he said he is not in any capacity to help him, to which the DIG replied, "I don't know mate, do everything you think you can."

Recording the Southern Province DIG's statement reportedly continued for nearly seven hours. Following interrogations, the said constable felt pity and sad about his DIG's vulnerability amid the situation, and shared the incident with his associates saying, "When a senior officer falls at my knees like that, what can I do? He should've reached some higher chair."  

The brutal torture and murder of two businessmen in Rathgama area were taken into course by a team of police officers attached to the Special Investigation Division of the Southern Province under the instructions of the said DIG, investigations well revealed. Investigations further revealed that the bodies of the victims were burnt under the instructions of the said DIG as well. 

DIG Wijegunawardena had also taken measures to prevent any police division in the Southern Province under his command from involving in any sort of investigation accounting to the incident, for over a month.  

Despite revelations of his involvement in such a crime, Wijegunawardena was not even sent on a minimum of mandatory leave, and now assumes duties as the Senior DIG in charge for Northern Province.