Makandure Madush : A Criminal Untraceable

Makandure Madush : A Criminal Untraceable

10 June 2019 12:53 pm

Following a tireless series of of investigations to prosecute Makandure Madush before law, only an account of passport with document fraud was recovered so far.

Irony is, now Drug Lord Madush is in same boat with Parliamentarian Wimal Weerawansa.  

Godfather of Underworld

In recent history, Makandure Madush was called the Godfather of Underworld. He was known for the many crimes including murder, smuggling, drugs, he had committed. 

However, no solid evidence in connection to the alleged crimes had been collected  so far to prosecute him before law, sources say. 

Makandure Madush had obviously covered his tracks revealing the crimes he had committed and connections to the underworld through strong political and official influence he had been backed with. It is said no traceable or measurable evidence in connection to the alleged crimes had been discovered by the authorities so far.  

Apparently, Madush had been christened with a title so perfectly fitting for his actions - that he is in fact untraceable, state of the art criminal in the underworld.

Murder of Danny Hiththetiya

Madush was formally charged against the murder of Danny Hiththetiya, however, he was in prison at the time the assassination took place. Unconfirmed sources said he coordinated the killing through a jailer by connecting to his accomplices at the underworld, but no investigations were conducted in this regard so far.

Therefore, a situation in which nothing against him can be proven before law has been occurred, and can only be cracked by a skilled attorney, legal experts point out. 

CID and AG's Office at a confusion

According to sources, Madush had revealed of his network with many connections to high seats during interrogation, although none can be proven, or verified that he had committed either of the crimes.

Therefore, the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and the Attorney General's Office have been pushed into inconvenience which no concrete base to the crimes committed by Makandure Madush could be developed.