Latest updates on sterilization drama! SLPP influence behind complaints?

Latest updates on sterilization drama! SLPP influence behind complaints?

31 May 2019 11:20 am

Many complaints filed against Kurunegala medical officer Dr. Sahabdin Safi by mothers have been on the basis of doubt for side effects from C-section surgeries and not on the basis of sterilization, the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) finds out.

90% of complaints were of mere doubt 

It is also revealed that 90% of mothers (among which majority of them were not expecting further deliveries) who made complaints against the said doctor were out of mere doubt whether C-sections had caused any side effects.

Only a handful of mothers had complaints against Doctor Sahabdeen out of doubt for sterilization.

SLPP is behind complaints intake 

The media propaganda about sterilization of 4000 Sinhala Buddhist mothers took many vulnerable mothers into the centre of panic, and we saw how mothers with difficulties in their knees and joints and those of sighting problems queued in roads to file complaints. It was also evident that member of Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) Professor Channa Jayasumana, supporter to SLPP Director of Kurunegala Hospital Sarath Weera Bandara, and many other SLPP followers had created a havoc on media and on roads promoting the sterilization drama.      

Apparently, the advocacy to sterilization has promoted hatred towards the Muslim community among the Sinhalese population, all of which had been spawned since the tragic events of Easter Sunday (April 21).

Officer in Charge for Kurunegala District Deputy Inspector General Kithsiri Jayalath has also been summoned to the CID for questioning. Further information regarding this "sterilization conspiracy" will be revealed in future. 

We are purposely saving other information we retrieved in connection the sterilization drama for the benefit of conducting the investigations without being disrupted. 

When the sterilization drama took a panicking turn in the general public, with having fueled by black media, we, Lanka News Web, were the only news portal to disclose the nudity behind the conspirators. We would continue to do so, without hindrance, for the sake of peace and solidarity among nations, with ambition to develop a country hate does not exist.