Illicit Liquor production increased by 500 per cent amidst COVID-19

Illicit Liquor production increased by 500 per cent amidst COVID-19

25 April 2020 09:27 pm

The production of illicit liquor has been increased by 500%, according to Dept of Excise. Its media spokesman Attorney at Law Kapila Kumarasinghe said despite the government's decision to close down liquor stores, consuming alcohol continues the usual.

In the backdrop the government has lost income in large sums, according to Kumarasinghe. The annual income to the government through the Excise Dept amounting to billions of Rupees has been lost this year in the wake of the prevailing crisis.  

In the present, the production of illicit liquor is being trended as a business, whilst the tendency to produce domestically is also in function, according to reports. Meanwhile, the dept spokesman claimed that some people are producing alcohol through rice cookers in small amounts. 

In prevention of such production every house should be subject to inspection by the dept officials and the Police, he added. 

DIG Ajith Rohana on a television programmed disclosed that there is a high demand for sugar instead of essential food in some places of the country, presumably not for the benefit of preparing tea. 

Early measures by the government to reopen liquor stores was reversed within less than 24 hours in view of the complications occurred. Although the liquor stores are closed, the domestic production is being used to spend a blissful evening, hence illicit liquor.