Why did Buddha say that Nibbana can not be reached via Daana, Seela and Bhavana(Giving, Observing precepts and Meditation) – Part 3

It should be noted that Buddha had never started any sermons by reciting any precepts.  But it is a common practice in the society to start any Buddhist event by first reciting or regurgitating parrot wise the five precepts (pansil). This raises the question as to why the Buddhist Priests always start this way. It is something Buddha has never advised for very good reasons as you will see later. This makes us conclude that these Priests are actually not following Buddha advice but follow Hindu and Jain traditions.

Buddha states in Saddhamma Prathiruupaka Sutra (SN) as precepts increase the Arahaths (the fully enlightened ones) gets less and less. This means that the Buddhist Priests when they take on the yellow robe promise to adhere to ten million Seelas (kotiyak samwara seelaya) will never find Nibbana and will not get rid of Seelabbatha Paramasa (Seela and Traditions) to attain even Sothapanna , the fist stage of enlightenment.

Is this the reason why no Buddhist Priest has attained NIbbana for the past 2100 years?

When observing Seela we are asked to promise not to do certain things, but never are we told to promise what to do during this period. How can one attain Nibbana by observing precepts which have been selected by someone else for you? If it is “I” or “Me” observing these precepts how can one find out that in Reality there is no “I” or “Me” actually in this body.

Handing over back Seela (pavaarana) at the end of the observing period is another disgrace to Buddha word. It is a joke to hand over back the Seela to the person who handed over them to you initially. According to current practice it is only five precepts that can be taken back home. Eight and ten precepts must be handed over back before returning home. If one does not do that they make public feel guilty and consider it as unwholesome (paw) activity. This is a cunning trick to attract people to the temple over and over again.

By doing such activity how can one ultimately come to see through the eye of Panna that there is no person called “I” or “ Me”. By observing Seela how can one get rid of Seelabbatha Paramasa (Seela and traditions) to attain Sothapanna, the first stage of enlightenment?

Therefore it is not a surprise when the Buddhist Priests force public to practise Hindu and Jain techniques that nobody has attained Nibbana for 2100 years. It was 2100 years ago, Buddha Dharshanaya became Buddhism (Buddha aagama).

Why do Buddhist Priests advise lay public to practise things Buddha had rejected so clearly and comprehensively? Buddha states in Karaneeya Metta Sutra “Seeing (Panna eye) will not become fruitful when concepts like Seela are performed” (Dittincha anupagamma seelava , Dassnena sampanno).

So far I have discussed why Daana and Seela (Giving and Observing precepts) are not helpful and in fact are obstructions to attaining Nibbana. 

In the next article I will discuss why meditation becomes an obstruction to attaining Nibbana. 

Dr Gamini Abhaya


To be continued…….

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